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About Us

Established in 1974, WESTERN ENGINEERING CO. is a leading ISO 9001: 2000 engineering company offering reliable quality products and services to clients in India and in the international market

WECO is the industry leader with a clear focus on technology, change and customer needs. WECO’s leadership is a result of its passion for perfection in product performance and strong history in achieving total customer satisfaction. Our employees are the most motivated, skilled and dedicated workers in the Specialty Motor Industry. Company management is extremely committed to building long term partnerships with its customers & suppliers.

With over more than 35 years in Design, Development and Manufacturing of Electric Motors, WECO caters the need of Machine Tools, Blowers and Fans, Air-Conditioners, Compressors, Material Handling Equipment, Cranes and Hoist, Textile Machinery, Cement Plant, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Construction Equipment, General Engineering Applications and wide range of Applications.

Cooling Tower Motors
Crane Duty Brake Motors
Energy Efficient Motors
Inverter Duty Motors

Single Phase Motors
Standard Three Phase Induction
Torque Motors
Vibrator Motors

  About Our Mentor
WECO began its operation in the year 1972 with repairing of Induction Motors. Gaining experience in handling varied make motors and the huge support received by the customers, Mr. Ramesh Sheth, a Graduate in Electrical Field from VJTI, Mumbai, started with manufacturing in the year 1974.

With the advent of Diamond Polishing Units, WECO developed Special Low-Noise, Low-Vibration Motors and with over 30,000 motors operational around, it made its foothold strong in the motor arena.

Mr. Ramesh gained huge experience in designing custom-made motors by direct and extensive interaction with customers requiring electric motors for wide range of applications, such as washing machine, cranes, machine tools, chemical pumps, air compressors, winding machines etc. Leading several organizations to higher level, he was the President of “All India Electric Motor Manufacturers Association”, for 2006 – 2008.

WECO has now been the Industry choice for High-Performance AC Induction Motors for over 35 years. It continues to set the standards for quality manufacturing and engineering excellence in the motion control industry.

  Vision and Mission
Global acceptance and recognition that our products provide an effective contribution� improving total performance and enhancing customer confidence and creating values.

Mission Statement:
Our goal is to profitably expand global leadership in our core competencies by focusing on value and total customer satisfaction, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, trust and respect for the individuals and demonstrating unsurpassed service capabilities.

Bench Mark To Reach Our Objectives
  • Develop a platform of strategy to compete in a Global market
  • Develop higher quality standards through cutting edge innovations
  • Develop new products through technological advances
  • Commitment to customers interest, growth and value
  • Empower our personnel and provide them the resources to achieve company objectives
  • Build long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers.

  •   Our Product Range
    Our well-equipped production facilities assist us in manufacturing a wide range of electric motors that comply with the relevant industry standards. Further our superior engineering standards enable us to make customized changes in the electrical and mechanical features as per the requirements of our clients.

    Our Products Standards / Specifications:
    Indian Standards:
    � IS- 325 Three phase induction foot mounted
    � IS- 1231 Dimensions of three phase foot mount ac induction motors.
    � IS- 2223 Dimensions of flange mounted ac induction motors.

    International Standards:
    � IEC 34-1 Recommendations for rotating electrical machines.
    � IEC 72-1 Recommendations, dimensions and output ratings of electrical machine-foot mounting.
    � IEC 72-2 Recommendations for the dimensions and output ratings of electrical motors-flange mounting.

      Features of Our Product
    Our range of precision-engineered motors helps us to meet the requirements of industrial undertakings and many more. The products offered by us come with advanced electrical and mechanical features, which can also be customized as per the specific needs of our clients. Some of the features offered in our motors include:
    Electrical Motors:
    Non-standard voltage and frequency variations. Dual voltage. Dual frequency.
    Motors for frequent starts / stops and reversals. Torque motors. Multi speed motors.
    High efficiency motors. High torque motors. High frequency motors.

    At WECO, Quality is faith. Quality is never compromised, even when racing against time. The crucial role which quality has come to play in today's globalize market economy has been very well recognized and acknowledged. This all encompassing commitment to achieve superior quality standards of products and services is pursued through a suitable Quality Policy keeping in view the overall business direction and mission.

    We will achieve these by implementation of following:
  • A Well-planned Quality Assurance System.
  • A Well-trained, skilled and experienced workforce.
  • Providing prompt, reliable and efficient after-sales-service.
  • Maintaining high quality standards, timely delivery schedules and competitive pricing of our products.
  • Being proactive in carrying out continuous improvements of our products & processes.

    Quality Assurance
  • Planned and systematic quality systems
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Quality assurance in contractual situation for customer's confidence
  • Design / Purchase specifications / works standards as per ISO requirements
  • Preparation of quality plan
  • Inspection and quality control activities to prevent non conformance
  • Improvements of process parameters
  • Analysis of fields complaints, preventive and corrective actions
  • Vendor approval procedures

    Q.A. & Q.C. Activities:
  • Incoming raw materials and components inspection.
  • Process Inspection.
  • Inspection at approved sub-contractors premises for sub-contracted items.
  • Final inspection and testing.
  • Preparation of quality plan.
  • Offering customer inspection/inspection to independent inspection agencies.
  • Total staff of 10 technical persons.
  • Vendor assessment or approval.
  • Quality - related training.

  •   Infrastructure
    WECO’s commitment to quality begins with our highly trained engineering professional at two main company facilities. Dahisar, Mumbai (established 1974) is the location of the Main Office which includes the Design Engineering Team and the Marketing Team. Vasai, Thane (established 2007) is the home of our assembly operations, which houses the industries latest equipments.

    We hold in-house production unit that incorporates advance technology and state-of-the-art machines in the manufacturing of electric motors. We also possess a testing laboratory where our products are subject to stringent quality control exercises. We posses adequate infrastructural setup for storage of inventory and finished good.

    WECO continues to grow from strength to strength. By building on diverse engineering and managerial capabilities, it is now amongst the foremost manufacturers of electrical equipment in India.

    WECO is a dynamic organisation and there are ongoing efforts to keep pace with relevant technological changes. These are intended not only to expand current capabilities, but also to continuously enhance already established standards of quality.

      Research and Development
    The phrase Research and Development, according to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, refers to "creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of man, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications"

    WECO’s basic philosophy is to promote technological self-reliance and develop products appropriate to operating conditions. A number of products have been developed at WECO’s R&D Centre through application oriented market by using CAD and state of the art IT software for Motor Designing.

    The main objective of our R&D team is to preserve and enhance ‘Core Competence’ in Technology Development, in order to maintain competitiveness in the Global Market by continuous up-gradation of product-technology in terms of performance, quality and cost. A planned and focused R&D at WECO has produced capabilities to cater, to the changing market needs.

    Other activities include cost-reduction through value-engineering and bench-marking, support to marketing, production and customer services.

      Human Resources
    Our highly qualified and well-motivated personnel work closely with our customers to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. WECO provides its employees with both a source of income and a sense of accomplishment and pride. The company firmly believes that its future depends on human resources, and we invest substantially in hiring and developing both capable and diverse employees, who we compensate fairly. Furthermore, in our creative and organized company culture, our employees are permitted to select individual opportunities to pursue self-improvement and growth. We go out of our way to ensure that every member of our team is supported as each person strives towards his or her goals, and we make every effort to encourage honor and success.

      Our Values
  • Customer First
  • Consistency & Cost Effectiveness
  • Passion for Excellence
  • Integrity & Openness
  • Quality a way of life
  • Deliver on Promises
  • Business Partner not another supplier

  •   Why Us?
  • Professional Management
    Experienced and Professionally Qualified Management. Uncompromising Attention and adherence to specifications ensures the best possible quality of products and customer service.

  • Comprehensive Sourcing Solutions
    Marketing tie ups with leading ISO Certified producers of raw material and engineering products in India.

  • Partnering Approach
    Strong belief in bonding with customers. As a business associate pro actively predicting and resolving customer issue. Our growth is in facilitating the growth of our valued customers.

  • Distinguished Track Record
    Excellent Track Record of business relationship. Established vendors to some of the most distinguished companies in India.

  • Strong Engineering Cell
    Customer Need Analysis done for every single order. Focus on end user and the application of the sourced product results in development of customized solution.

  • Defined Value System
    A defined Value system complements efforts to achieve business objectives and provide drive towards excellence in every aspect of work.

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